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CloutBoost leverages data mining techniques to take the guesswork out and make Influencer campaigns decisions intelligent and effective.

The Vision

Our Vision Arose From Three Critical Realizations

  • Recognition by the right influencers can propel the launch and promotion of video games better than any other marketing method.
  • Identifying, negotiating with, and enlisting the help of the right influencers is a job most video game producers or even most marketing agencies can’t do well.
  • We have the technology, skills, and connections necessary to match game developers with the influencers and audiences who can ignite sales and build rapid visibility.

Our Story

There's More to the Story, Though

We don’t just believe influencer marketing gives game developers more marketing leverage than anything else, we have a unique ability to turn data into hyper-educated decisions. Cloutboost is headquartered in Mountain View, California — the heartbeat of Silicon Valley.

We are immersed in the worlds of technology and data science, and we have both the knowledge and the tools required to apply data analysis for the smart influencers targeting and to predict campaigns results for better outcomes.


Here’s How Cloutboost Makes Influencer Marketing Magic Happen


data driven approach

We provide our Clients with a powerfull information advantage over competition. Our proprietary data mining technology sifts through millions of channels and videos in real time to optimize the performance of sales and awareness campaigns.


Gaming video content expertise

We clarify the possibilities and cut through the noise with our deep understanding of the gaming industry and gaming marketing. We know what it takes to publish a game and how influencers can be leveraged at each stage of a game launch.


Proven Algorithms & Transparency

We use prediction algorithms and proven pricing models to negotiate the best deals and mitigate campaign risks. We are transparent about where we stand in the negotiation process with the influencer to save you from unpleasant surprises.

Our Clients

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