Case Study: Influencer Campaign for Korean MMORPG Launching on STEAM

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Client: PLAYWITH Interactive Inc.

Product: Warlords Awakening is a fantasy MMORPG which invites players to enter a world of chaos and begin a journey to become a powerful warlord.

Platform: Windows, Steam

Markets: US, Canada


  • Introduce new Korean MMORPG to the North America audience and help promote its release on Steam
  • Drive landing page visits and game downloads


  • Identify and recruit hyper-targeted MMO-focused YouTube and Twitch Micro Influencers
  • Build Influencer strategy that combines different content formats (dedicated gameplay, short video ad integration, Twitch Stream and Social Media shoutouts) in the most effective way
  • Run a giveaway offering free Warlords Awakening in-game items to drive higher engagement
  • Maximize views to clicks conversion rates and overall campaign ROI


  • 5 (five) YouTube Videos, 3 (three) 2-hour Twitch Streams
  • Each Influencer announced Sponsorship on their primary Social Media Channels
  • Call-to-action and tracking links in video descriptions


  • Clicks: more than 10,000
  • Click Through Rate: 4.5%
  • Engagement Rate: 6.5%
  • SEO: 3 Video Reviews in the Top 5 YouTube Search Results