Case Study: Influencer Campaign for Online Shooter War Robots

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Client: Pixonic
Product: War Robots, mobile game, online third-person PvP shooter
Challenge: acquire new, highly engaged users at maximum ROI
  • In order to maximize campaign ROI, we decided to use an ad insertion format (ad spot) within the popular video series. This cost-efficient approach ensures high audience reach while requiring precise targeting & highly creative approach to content creation.
  • We targeted Fallout audience which demonstrated high affinity for War Robots and identified YouTube Creators who successfully ran video series featuring this title. Based on content engagement analysis, we selected ShoddyCast with its popular video series dedicated to Fallout called Psycho.
  • We assisted ShoddyCast team with conceptualizing and production of a highly engaging and seamless integration into one of their upcoming episodes. We also included a giveaway for users who watched the video.
Results: The video attracted 260K video views and hit 3.9% CTR from the tracking links.