Case Study: Influencer Marketing Campaign for Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Client: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Product: Dead Rising: Endgame (2016), movie
Challenge: Sony team reached out to us asking to help promote an upcoming release of the zombie film sequel based on the worldwide video game phenomenon – Dead Rising 4.
  • Using our technology, we identified the most relevant and effective Youtube Gamer for the movie announcement – CoryxKenshin. Being a huge fan of horror games, Cory publishes highly-engaging content that reaches more than half of his followers on a consistent basis (impressively high True Reach Score). 

  • Because Cory was also a lifelong fan of the Dead Rising game series, we knew we could create something real and genuine. When it came to content creation, we incorporated actual movie scenes into the gameplay. Cory announced the movie release date, ran a special giveaway, and personally addressed the usual skepticism toward the game-based movies in his funny and authentic way.
  • Results: To date, the video attracted more than 1.4M, 59K likes and 15,000 comments with the highly positive sentiment (only 369 dislikes vs 53K likes).  It’s been more than a year since the campaign launch, and we still see an increase in video views and players actively commenting and inquiring about the movie.