Exos Heroes Influencer Marketing Campaign

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How do you get your mobile game to the top of the Best Free Games ranking for iOS and Android? Take a look at this influencer campaign case study and find out how gaming influencers can help your game hit the top of the charts. 
Mobile RPG games are very popular in the gaming community. Role-playing games offer a combination of an intricate adventure, entertaining storyline, and a variety of characters to play for. The genre creates an engaging mobile gaming experience and has a low entry-level for beginning players. 
No wonder that mobile RPG games form a highly competitive market targeted by multiple game developers. Introducing a new game to this crowded market can be a very challenging task that requires a well-thought strategy. 
In this case study for Exos Heroes mobile game, Cloutboost agency will show how to grow your MMORPG game with the help of YouTube influencers. 

About the game

Exos Heroes is a much-anticipated mobile role-playing game with an emphasis on stunning 3D graphics and intricate storytelling. Players can collect, strengthen, and build a team of their own Heroes to enjoy the game’s novel approach to traditional turn-based combat. The fans of the genre can explore the game’s huge roster of more than 200 Heroes, plus a handful of content options ranging from scenario quest, PvP, monster raids, guild battles, and daily dungeons to refreshing mini-games.


Genre: MMORPG 
Launch Date: May 28, 2020
Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: Oozoo
Publisher: Line Games

Influencer Campaign Details

Campaign Goals:
  • Introduce a new Korean RPG game to a relevant audience of YouTube gamers
  • Generate downloads 
Target Market: Europe and North America
Language: English
  • 1. Partner with micro-influencers and mid-tier YouTubers from various gaming niches: MMO News, RPG games reviews, anime channels, TOP series, and mobile games. 
  • 2. Create dedicated gameplays and “first look” videos to gain credibility with and interest from the audience. 
Here’s a “first look” video created by one of the YouTubers we’ve selected for this campaign. This video by Cryy features a detailed playthrough and showcases the major differentiators of the new game. 

3. Create a shout-out strategy with mid-tier influencers to maximize awareness of the game and introduce Exos Heroes to a broader audience of gamers;
4. Additionally, Cloutboost initiated online coverage for the game on the MMO-related websites.

Campaign Creators: 

For the Exos Heroes campaign, we worked with one top-tier influencer and five micro YouTube creators in order to generate buzz in different gaming communities:


Campaign Results:

  • Exos Heroes has been introduced to an audience of over 2.6 MLN gamers with the sponsored videos getting over 181 thousand views;
  • Apart from YouTube coverage, the game received a variety of additional free mentions on MMO-focused news websites;


  • Exos Heroes strongly resonated with a significant portion of the selected audience based on engagement/sentiment score;
  • The game got featured as TOP#1 of the Top 10 best free games for iOS and Android.

Key Takeaways:

  • When selecting the right YouTube channels for an influencer campaign, a great tactic is to go granular. This approach will allow you to reach different audience segments and to showcase various features of the game.
  • Micro-influencers are often more open to experiments and creative ideas. When working on a smaller budget, hiring micro-influencers for your campaign is a great way to maximize a campaign’s ROI.
  • Gameplay videos created by professional YouTubers can be repurposed on other media platforms to fuel content marketing.
We hope these insights will inspire you for the successful implementation of your next influencer campaign. 
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