THE WONDERFUL 101: Video Game Marketing Case Study

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From cult status to commercial success: The Wonderful 101 influencer marketing case study

Key Results

Campaign Reach: 5.6 M

Views: 1.7 M

Average Engagement: 6.43%


Ask any developer: The game may be great, but achieving commercial success is complicated.

Platinum Games knew this firsthand; acclaimed developers, no stranger to critical and commercial success—they had a problem. The Wonderful 101 was released in 2013 to universal praise from critics but didn’t hit the commercial heights Platinum Games believed it could. With this in mind, they developed The Wonderful 101: Remastered. To promote the game, Platinum Games decided to release a two-hour demo across Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. That’s where CloutBoost came in.

The challenge was this: How do you promote a forgotten cult classic to a wider audience? Focusing on Platinum Games’ two-hour demo, CloutBoost got to work. Leveraging influencer marketing, we created dedicated gameplay videos, reviews, Instagram and Twitter giveaways, and video ad placements. The campaign generated huge reach and hype around this sleeping giant, ensuring it found the commercial success it deserved.


Find a wider audience for The Wonderful 101: Remastered, driving game purchases as a result.

The primary goal was to find a wider audience for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. Promotion would therefore focus on the two-hour demo of the game—as well as upcoming sales—with the intention of driving game purchases. The campaign aimed to reach gamers across Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.


Short and long-form videos were created, supplemented by giveaways and call-to-action links in video descriptions.

Twelve influencers synonymous with playing character action games (similar to The Wonderful 101: Remastered) were recruited to create content around the demo, covering all three gaming platforms. A combination of short and long-form branded video content was created, alongside giveaways. Four call-to-action links were included in the video description of each influencer’s content, sending audiences to the game’s landing page and each platform store—see screenshot below.


Giveaways encouraged players to follow Platinum Games on Twitter and Instagram so they could be communicated to further across a variety of digital platforms. Beyond mentioning the giveaways in the short and long-form video content, they were also promoted by the influencers via tweets and YouTube pinned comments.


Video content and giveaways drove significant traffic, making data tracking all the more essential. CloutBoost utilized best practices for unique click tracking across each influencer’s videos to identify exactly how each was performing. Platinum Games wanted to promote all four platform holders’ stores simultaneously—which is more challenging than it sounds. Shortening services like couldn’t do this, so we leveraged Google’s URL builder as a workaround. This allowed us to create custom URLs pointing to each storefront with a new, unique attribute per URL.


The Influencers

Twelve influencers were selected based on high audience engagement and interest in games similar to The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

In total, we recruited twelve influencers for this campaign. Beyond targeting audiences interested in similar games, we selected influencers who had established a highly engaged community. Playing similar games—even with high viewership—wouldn’t be enough. We needed to leverage engaged audiences who would genuinely pay attention to The Wonderful 101: Remastered; not only since the game would be interesting to them, but because their favorite YouTuber is recommending it.


Creative Execution

Dedicated gameplay/review videos were created to promote The Wonderful 101: Remastered, supplemented by 60-90 second integrations. 

We leveraged 60-90 second YouTube video integrations to lead our short-form strategy. These integrations focused on emphasizing authenticity and highlighting the main features of the game. 

In terms of longer-form content, the influencers created dedicated gameplay videos and in-depth game reviews. Dedicated gameplay videos meant audiences could see the game being played for a significant period of time, expanding on the 60-90 second integrations which naturally only showed brief clips.

This allowed audiences to develop a real understanding of what The Wonderful 101: Remastered was—and make an informed purchasing decision as a result. In-depth game reviews allowed the influencers to go beyond gameplay and express their thoughts and feelings on the game in an authentic way.


1.7 million Views were recorded across all influencer videos, with an Average Engagement Rate of 6.43%.

The campaign proved a huge success, generating over 5.6 million in total reach. Video views reached over 1.7 million to date, with an Average Engagement Rate of 6.43%. Plus, given the nature of evergreen content on YouTube, views will continue to accumulate. 88+ thousand Likes were hit across all videos. As a result of all this, overall hype and positive sentiment for The Wonderful 101: Remastered increased significantly among targeted gamers.