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Grow Your Followers

Grow Your Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms there is, so it is no surprise that it is used as a means for marketing and growing your business. However, in order to find success on Instagram, you first have to grow your followers. There are many ways to do this, and some might work for others, but not for you. The trial and error of gaining followers can be exhausting, and that is why using the professionals at Jumper Media can be the perfect option for most people. They implement tried and proven strategies to make sure your Instagram account gains real followers in no time.

Strategies That Jumper Media Implements

Jumper Media has a couple of different strategies that they use when helping their clients gain followers on Instagram. They’re considered the number one marketing agency for small businesses, and their website has dozen of client testimonials to back that up. Put these strategies together and you are guaranteed to gain hundreds, if not thousands, of followers.

One-On-One Time

Jumper Media strives to give each of their clients one-on-one time, which means they do have a bit of a wait time for new clients. They will assess the individual needs of your business to cultivate a game plan just for you. They will use this to target specific niches that fit with your business and connect with users likely to interact with your business.

Real People, No Bots

Many people condemn services that claim to grow followers because they assume they just use bots, but Jumper Media doesn’t do that. They work hard and cultivate unique strategies to make sure each follower you get is a real person. On top of that, they target real people on Instagram that are likely to want to use your business. The team at Jumper Media signs into your account through their phones and then interact with your followers and community.

Jumper Loops

Jumper Loops are a new marketing strategy, but it is one that Jumper Media uses the best. It started with a contest, a contest that asked Instagram users to follow certain accounts in order to be entered to win a Gucci bag. This started one of the most successful strategies that Jumper Media uses. They have partnered with several influences in order to do these giveaways. However, the influencers do get to choose whether or not to work with the accounts they promote this way. The good news is, you are guaranteed to gain at least two thousand followers or they will give you your money back.

Start Growing Your Followers Today

The first step to growing your followers is getting in touch with Jumper Media. From their website, you can schedule a free strategy call. This call lasts twenty minutes, and in the end they will have given three ideas to implement on your Instagram account. After trying out their ideas, you can decide if you want to take your profile, and follower count, to the next level. Go to their website today to meet Shirley and get a walkthrough:

Grow Your Followers

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Grow Your Followers