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Medina Communications is one of the top ad agencies in Denver. We create, implement, and manage successful and highly customized ad campaigns for our clients. To date, we've worked with all types of business owners, from bloggers to dog sitters and painters, and just about every other kind of business type you could imagine!

We deal with all the complex and technical stuff in advertising while operating and communicating transparently and in plain language that the average person can easily understand. The reason we are considered one of the top ad agencies in Denver is because of the top results we've produced for our past clients.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

The first thing we need to do is schedule a consultation where we can meet (either in-person, by telephone, or video chat) and decide if we make a good team. Once you've decided to move forward with our ad services, we will conduct a short and straight-to-the-point briefing. During this briefing, we'll discuss the planning and release of your new brand identity in the following four steps:

1. Definition of brand strategy
2. Creation of brand presence
3. Media planning
4. Marketing evaluation

In the first step, the brand strategy needs to be designed. This involves naming and defining your specific target market and your value proposition. A strategy will be developed and written down that will serve as branding guidelines.

You Get an Entire Ad Team in Your Corner

Within our ad agency, different employees will take care of your project at different phases. For example, our consultant will conduct your project and work with you and the agency, making sure everyone is on the same page regarding your ad campaign. You consultant is responsible for creating the marketing and media plans for your ad campaign.

The art director and our graphic designer are responsible for designing all of the advertising material, such as the logo or the Web design. Our copywriter will make a convincing claim and will compose contents for the advertising media.

You'll also get a Web developer when you choose Medina Communications to be your ad agency. Your Web developer is responsible for all the programming and ensures impeccable functionality on your website. Your Web developer will make sure that your website is responsive on all devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

Take Advantage of an Entire Team Dedicated to Your Ad Success

The exchange and the cooperation with our agency's team are of the utmost importance and undoubtedly lead to a more effective brand presence. One thing you can rest assured of is that everyone on your project will do everything they can to make it succeed.

Medina Communications is one of the top ad agencies in Denver, adding intrinsic value to our clients' enterprises by providing ad services they cannot manage on their own. Together, we'll work as a time to customize an ad campaign that brings you more customers and more revenue. Count on us!

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top ad agencies in Denver