Twitch Influencers

Twitch Influencers

CloutBoost is an influencer marketing company that leverages on the power of YouTube influencers and Twitch streamers to promote brands. Our experienced team seamlessly combines the power of video influencer marketing, video games industry expertise, and marketing analytics insights. With this, we are able to help businesses make better and informed decisions. With the help of our Twitch influencers, you can reach out to your target audience and increase awareness for your business.

What Is A Twitch Influencer?

Twitch is an online service for watching and streaming video games or digital videos. 50% of millennial males in America today are said to be using Twitch. Which shows if you want to reach the millennial males in America today, then Twitch is one of the best places to do it. 

Just like any other platform, Twitch has influencers too. A twitch influencer is a user who has built up a sizeable audience or a vast number of twitch followers for his channel. Twitch influencers are like celebrities because they have lots of audience, and a huge number of fans following them.

On just a stream, a typical twitch influencer averages thousands of views. Business owners and brands may pay an influencer to get their products or services known to their huge followers because an average viewer would trust a recommendation from their “celebrity” – the influencers. 

How Can Twitch Influencer Help My Business Grow?

Twitch influencers can help your business grow through the following ways:

Brand awareness: Being an influencer means they have got a large base of followers and a huge number of fans on their channels who watch each of their streams. Now, this is a good avenue for spreading the word and awareness of any brand to a large number of people. Which, in turn, build your brand awareness.

Boosts The Authenticity Of Your Brand: Viewers on Twitch watch real gameplay and also hear real-time feedback from the person playing, in this case, the influencers. This brings closeness and engagement between the influencers and the viewers. Considering the fact that most people don’t trust a brand, but with the influencers in the equation, it further boosts the authenticity of a brand. 

Ease and Real-Time Delivery: With twitch influencers, information can be gotten to your customers more quickly and directly. Because Twitch is real-time, influencers deliver brands' ads, and their followers get to see the messages live. They can answer questions posed by the followers about the brand in real-time too. 

More Traffic: Because of their large numbers of followers, influencers can be a source for generating massive traffic for your business. Their viewers trust their recommendations, and the viewers would want to have a go at your products or check out your brand.

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Twitch Influencers