MMO Games: Top 10 YouTubers

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It’s no secret that gaming has become one of the largest categories viewed on YouTube. Video personalities, more popularly known as “YouTube Influencers,” are the new stars of the ephemeral gaming scene. Fans are obsessed with their live-stream gameplay experiences and incessantly check back in to hear their take on upcoming releases before they hit the shelves. YouTube Sponsorships with gaming YouTubers are the front-runners in introducing new games. With the highest ROI above any other social media platform out there, YouTube brand deals play a vital role when it comes to gamers making their next big purchase.

Gaming has solidified its stance as a powerful platform that not only captures a wide audience, but keeps people coming back for more. MMOs, also known as massively multiplayer games, focus on captivating a large audience through equally entertaining gameplay and community. The YouTube community is hot when it comes to MMO coverage. In order to build its awareness, the average marketer always seeks the YouTube Goldilocks Region — the place where subtle advertisement is just right, or the observable moment when a YouTube Sponsorship with the YouTube Gaming Influencer hits his audience the hardest.

But the real question is this: Who do you put your money behind?

People are always fooled into thinking that the best channel for YouTube Sponsorship is the one with the most subscribers. Sure, you could go after someone like PewDiePie, the Kim Kardashian of YouTube with a dazzling 46M followers to date. I mean, what’s better than less than one percent conversion rate on such a diverse audience, 20 to 30 percent of whom are inactive or farmed? Not to mention the money you’ll be paying for this sort of press. Sarcasm aside, you can’t win on popularity. The better choice is the Gaming YouTuber who is specifically targeted for your particular market and game genre. With proper targeting, celebrity endorsements can help marketers reach up to 10 to 20 percent in conversion.

Now for the fun part. We’ve weighed in on the most reputed talents in the world of MMO games on YouTube. Plug in your joysticks, get your button-mashing finger set, and get ready for the Top 10 YouTubers in MMO games:

1. The Angry Joe Show

Angry Joe is a 32-year-old Texan journalist who provides in-depth critiques on movies and video games. Posting two to three videos a week, he’s found success in his 2.5 million subscriber fan base. His followers are known as The Angry Army, and they tune in weekly to see their leader’s over-the-top reactions to the newest releases. His e-fame has given him backstage passes into the most popular gaming conferences, allowing him to get a first-hand look that others drool for. Joe focuses on open world games and superhero movies, but occasionally looks into the world of MMO games, something that his army always looks forward to.

Subscribers: 2.5M
MMOs Covered: ESO, Guild Wars, Skyforge, Dragons Prophet, Defiance, Final Fantasy, Tera and more

2. Total Biscuit, The Cynical Brit

Total Biscuit aka John Bain is a British gaming commentator who ranks top among YouTube PC gaming critics. Sometimes we get sick of the typical game review. If you’re craving something new and fresh, tune into his “WTF is…” segment. There, you’ll be entertained as Bain delivers honest, informative commentary and shares his gameplay first impressions. “Content Patch” is another fun segment to follow for gaming news and comments. Renowned for his candid, first impression critiques, Bain often voices his strong approval for consumer protection in the gaming industry. If you’re a gamer who isn’t sure about what to spend your money on, Total Biscuit is perfect for you.

Subscribers: 2.2M
MMOs covered: Wildstar, Neverwinter, Riders of Icarus, SWTOR, Dragon’s Prophet, and more

3. TGN

The creators behind the TGN network provide all the content for this channel, with new videos posted on a daily basis. The show focuses on video game coverage, live events and other niche topics. TGN’S strong suit is drumming up hardcore enthusiasm for upcoming releases with an in-depth gameplay video. Their “Everything We Know So Far” series is a gamer favourite.

Subscribers: 974K
MMOs Covered: Skyrim, ESO, Skyforge, Archeage, Warhammer 40K, Tera, WOW, and more

4. Kripparrian

Kripparrian is Octavian Morosan, a Canadian YouTube creator and Twitch streamer with a generous following of 800K longtime gamers and loyal fans. Kripparrian is recognized for his achievements in Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. He won the “Favorite Hearthstone Stream” and “Most Engaged Viewers” categories, and he also came in second for the “Highest Stream View Average” category at the Blizzard Stream Awards in 2014. While his videos may come off as a tad dry to the layman gamer, his followers are eager to consume his daily nuggets of video game wisdom, delivered in a uniquely analytical and creative manner.

Subscribers: 800,705
MMOs Covered: Path of Exile, World of Warcraft

5. Force Gaming

Force Strategy Gaming posts daily videos and almost always streams live gameplay. They have been producing game-based commentary, news and entertainment for the last five years, developing a tremendous following. Force Strategy Gaming focuses on the intricacies of already existing MMOs and their constant updates. “Buff and Nerfs” is one of their most closely-watched series, delivering the checks and balances of the gaming world and rendering certain playable characters OP while others become useless. Their active user base is on the rise, with most of their videos reaching more than a couple hundred thousand views.

Subscribers: 625K

MMOs Covered: Destiny, ESO, Wildstar, WoW, Star Wars, Black Desert Online, and more

6. MMOHuts

MMOHuts provides weekly recaps, live gaming convention coverage, hardware previews, and multiplayer game demos. With its primary focus on MMO and MMORPGs, channel offers reviews for over 350 free-to-play client and browser based games. The gaming reviews are instructive and the team is amazingly responsive to their community, with a majority found on YouTube and the rest on their personal forum.

Subscribers: 456K
MMOs Covered: HeroWarz, Twin Saga, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, Warhammer 40k, The Elder Scrolls, and more


7. The Lazy Peon

Craig (The Lazy Peon) is an eccentric YouTube gaming creator in his mid-twenties. His selection of “First Impression” videos provides his audience with valuable insight into new releases as they hit the market. The Lazy Peon is dedicated to assisting gamers in purchasing games they’re sure to enjoy. Rather than accepting sponsored videos or paid promotion offers, Craig encourages game developers to reach out to his channel with new releases and the possibility of appearing on his “Gaming Session,” where he showcases PC games on the rise. Craig built a rather dedicated fan base in the last two years, feeding from his active audience and taking their game requests as they come.

Subscribers: 268K
MMOs covered: Black Desert, WOW, ESO, GW2, Final Fantasy XIV, SWTOR, and more

8. Free MMO Station

Free MMO Station boasts a robust following and a seemingly never-ending lexicon of the most up to date reviews on MMORPGs and other free-to-play online games. The channel creates impartial video first looks and provides gamers with in-depth games reviews, offering its unique perspective for your gaming pleasure. Good or bad reviews, it doesn’t really matter — there’s no filter on this one.

Subscribers: 163K
MMOs Covered: ESO, TERA, Skyforge, Guild Wars 2, WildStar, Blade & Soul, and more

9. Steparu

Steparu is some gamer from some place in California — I kid you not, no one knows who he or she is. An anonymous gamer who has been posting game-related content to YouTube for the last 7 years, whose following is impressively strong for someone who has yet to (or probably will never) reveal his or her identity. Steparu tends to focus more on South Korean and Japanese games, yet the channel has managed to develop a cult-like following that spans across a wide spectrum of gaming interests.

Subscribers: 115K
MMOs Covered: Black Desert, Riders of Icarus, Blade & Soul, Dragon Nest 2, War of Genesis 4, Soul Worker, and more

10. ZiggyDCraft

With “Knowledge to Conquer” as his motto, Ziggy takes gaming seriously. For him, gaming is not only a fun way to relax and meet up with friends but also a learning experience and a path to personal growth. In his Video Game Reviews & First Impressions Videos series, Ziggy is helping connect people with games that they can truly enjoy. Here gamers can find reviews on newly released and early access ARPGs, RPGs, MMOs, and beyond. Ziggy’s hard work and passion for gaming are well appreciated by his loyal followers.

Subscribers: 141K
MMOs Covered: Blade and Soul, Albion Online, Path of Exile, Devilian, Skyforge, Devilian, and more

Well, there you have it. At Cloutboost, we identify the most relevant and efficient Gaming YouTubers, with targeting that goes beyond subscribe and video view count. We also work with brands and Influencers to seamlessly integrate marketing messages within their channel content. By tailoring our marketing and content strategy to each channel’s specific focus, we are able to achieve the best possible results.