Case Study: AFK Arena Release – How to Launch a Chinese Mobile Game in the US with Gaming Influencers

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When launching a new mobile game in the congested market of North America, our client Lilith Games set up a clear and ambitious goal. The Chinese publisher aimed to get the game onto the Top-50 free game charts. How did Cloutboost hit and even outperform this bold target? Read about it in our influencer marketing case study.

  • Client/Publisher: Lilith Games
  • Product: AFK Arena – a new mobile RPG card game from Lilith Games, where players can build up a personalized team and level up with the unique AFK Awards auto farming system.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Markets: US, Canada
  • Challenge: introduce new Chinese mobile game to the North American audience and help promote its release in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Goal: get AFK Arena onto the Top-50 free game charts to attract more organic traffic through better chart positions.

Solution by Cloutboost:

Cloutboost selected the most relevant video game influencers and recruited them for the campaign. Six YouTube macro-influencers were engaged in the gaming sponsorships, which allowed us to expose the product to an audience of more than 16 million.

Step-by-Step Campaign Execution:

  • Plan and manage an Influencer campaign featuring top YouTube Gaming and Entertainment Influencers.
  • Run a giveaway offering in-game items in order to boost conversion rates and drive mobile game downloads.
  • Amplify Reach via shoutouts on Influencers’ Social Media channels (Twitter, Instagram).
  • Have Influencers share with their followers the features of the game they like the most, such as beautiful graphics, unique artistic style and strategic gameplay.

Communication Strategy:

AFK, which stands for Away From Keyboard, represents a huge potential for easy and fun gameplay without too much effort from the player.

The key communication points were:

  • To highlight how simple and convenient it is to play the game: anytime and anywhere on your mobile device.
  • To encourage viewers to download the game without any delay and be the first to play it.

Here’s how these talking points were implemented by Orange Juice Gaming:

Campaign Deliverables:

  • 60-90 sec Video Ad Integration into YouTube Gaming Influencers’ videos
  • Giveaway Announcement featuring personalized Gift Codes
  • Social Media Posts announcing the game release
  • Social Handle Branding
  • Call-to-action & Tracking Link

Campaign Results:

We know how to set up ambitious goals: getting AFK Arena onto Top-50 Free Game charts in the US was one of them. Yet, this campaign shows that even a high goal can be outperformed.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Google Play: # 13 Free Game in the US
  • App Store: # 26 Free Game in the US (above Fortnite!)
  • Overall Reach: 18M
  • YouTube Views: 4.79M
  • Engagement Rate: 3.8%

Key Takeaways:

  • Amplifying YouTube integration with sponsored posts on other social platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, leads to higher campaign performance.
  • A clear and consistent communication strategy will reward your brand with user engagement and product installs.