PlayKids XD Influencer Marketing Case Study

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PlayKids XD (PK XD), an open-world adventure game, came to CloutBoost with the goal of promoting their game to young gamers in several regions. We carefully selected some of the biggest relevant influencers from these regions to create dedicated gameplay videos.

Videos were supported by giveaways, as well as repurposed into 30-second ads on PK XD’s digital channels.

Overall, PK XD successfully hit their goal, leading to future campaigns being developed.

Key Results

Views: 13.4 million 

Average Engagement: 4.27%

True Reach Score: 55.52%

About the game

PK XD is a virtual world for players to explore and customize. The player starts with creating a fully customizable avatar who then can interact with other players, build and decorate a house, and explore various items like clothes and accessories for characters. There’s also a school, a playground, and a huge pool to visit. Players can add friends to their list, and hang out together in the PK XD’s virtual world.

Campaign goals

  • Promote PK XD to Roblox and Minecraft fans in the SEA region: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia.
  • Engage players with a seasonal event launching in mid-March.


To achieve our goals, we partnered with medium to large-sized gaming influencers strongly associated with Roblox and Minecraft. Beyond game association, we specifically selected influencers with active audiences, as well as high True Reach scores. 

To maximize engagement, dedicated gameplay videos (10-15 minutes in length) were created to introduce PK XD to audiences in depth. Influencers’ game accounts were loaded with free content to positively impact the gameplay experience and generate audience excitement as a result. Content given to influencers included significant in-game currency, houses, rare customization items, etc.

Once gameplay content was finalized, the campaign was launched. Gameplay videos were posted on weekends to maximize reach and ROI. Influencers also ran giveaways to boost engagement and encourage game downloads, further amplifying the published content. 

Finally, we helped PK XD acquire content usage rights for the gameplay videos to engage in content repurposing. This enabled the brand to run 30-second ads, adapted from the full-length influencer content.

Campaign Specifics

PlayKids XD is a game created for children, so CloutBoost ensured all content was created to be child-friendly. For example, language inappropriate for young audiences was avoided in gameplay videos.

Since the campaign was targeting audiences across Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Russia, we worked with native translators from each country to proofread every video and ensure accuracy.

The Influencers

Eleven influencers across the targeted regions were recruited, based on their high reach and audiences of Roblox and Minecraft fans.

Each influencer created a minimum of one dedicated gameplay video. Some influencers created several dedicated gameplay videos, and/or provided their content rights so PlayKids XD could repurpose content into the 30-second ads mentioned earlier.



Overall, the campaign generated high ROI while maintaining a low CPM, and the CPM metric continued to decrease as video views grew.

In line with our strategy to target high-reach influencers, we successfully hit 13.5M views across all influencer videos—as well as 500K comments, demonstrating high engagement. Additionally, overall reach (total subscribers) totalled 39M. The other key focus of our influencer selection strategy was relevancy, specifically targeting Roblox and Minecraft audiences. Our dedicated gameplay videos received a very positive reception due to this high relevance, creating positive audience sentiment toward PK XD.

Beyond the created gameplay videos, PlayKids XD’s repurposed 30-second ads also amplified our activation. CloutBoost continues our collaboration with PlayKids helping promote the game in new regions across North America, Spanish-speaking countries, and Asia.