Case Study: Samsung Influencer Campaign at CES 2020

By Polina Haryacha 0 comments


No matter how big the brand or budget, standing out during CES is tough. And Samsung found themselves in that similar conundrum.

That’s why for CES 2020 Samsung tasked CloutBoost with helping navigate through this challenge of reaching a wider audience. As a solution, we enlisted six micro-influencers in photography, gaming, tech, movie reviews and music production to authentically cover the 2020 Samsung CES experience for their respective communities.


Campaign goals

  • Help newly unveiled Samsung products reach a wider audience. 

Products included: Micro LED, QLED 8K, the Sero, and the Frame

  • Showcase how Samsung’s CES products serve multiple purposes and hobbies. 

From displaying high-quality photos on a wall to experiencing movie-theater quality viewing to throwing a karaoke party.



Campaign Deliverables

  • Cloutboost took care of arranging the travel details and accommodations for each influencer to make sure their trip would go smoothly.
  • Specific guidelines were provided to each influencer on how to navigate their audience through the various exhibits and products of focus. 
  • Each influencer had an opportunity to speak with Samsung’s representatives and get a profound experience of the new products.
  • To drive discoverability and ensure share-of-voice, relevant hashtags were designated to be used by the influencers.

  • During the event, the influencers kept sharing their top discoveries via Twitter and Instagram.

  • Each influencer released a dedicated YouTube video covering the highlights of CES 2020.


With the 6 influencers chosen for this campaign, various product categories received in-depth coverage. Every creator was talking about the products that were the most appealing to him and his audience. Each influencer explored the product aspects he was interested in the most – whether it was the image color, the video quality, or the sound effects.
  • Over 100 Instagram stories were posted, garnering an audience of around 685 K.
  • 93 tweets were published fetching over 4500 Likes.
  • After the event, 6 dedicated videos were published on YouTube generating thematic discussions of Samsung’s products specifications.

  • Creators generated quality visual content and Samsung was granted the content usage rights to repurpose the materials as brand assets.
Due to the combined efforts of its international team, Samsung became the most mentioned brand of CES 2020.


Key Takeaways

  • Bringing social influencers to your offline event can help generate online exposure and reach a wider audience. 
  • Influencers are experts on a given topic, and they talk to a crowd about the hottest insights from inside the venue.
  • Micro-influencers show higher audience engagement as their social media accounts unite people who share similar interests and passion about a particular topic.
  • Influencers are professional content creators. Partnering with them will provide you with a batch of high-quality content that you can repurpose on the brand’s owned media.
  • According to BuzzRadar CES 2020 has generated around 800k mentions across social media, making it one of the most often mentioned tech events in the world. In order to cut through the media noise and stand out from the competition, brands need to plan ahead for their digital exposure at the event.