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We work with gaming and non-gaming brands of all sizes with measurable results against a broad range of objectives. Here are some of those success stories.

PlayKids XD Influencer Marketing Case Study

PlayKids XD (PK XD), an open-world adventure game, came to CloutBoost with the goal of promoting their game to relevant audiences in several regions. We...

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Case Study: Preparing Darkfire Heroes For Battle

Rovio, thanks to the world-wide success of Angry Birds, has quickly become one of the most well-known brands within the mobile games industry. It’s particularly...

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Exos Heroes Influencer Marketing Campaign

How do you get your mobile game to the top of the Best Free Games ranking for iOS and Android? Take a look at this...

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Influencer Marketing Case Study: Broken Lines Game

Learn how to promote a niche game among the YouTube gaming community.  Read this case study to find out how we generated over 700 thousand...

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